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P. 15

When one of the Nine Unknown Men becomes ill or passes away,
         another man is chosen to take his place.

         (Kind of like how the Templar Knights, and other secret societies

         But the rule is there is never more than nine at any given time.

         So here’s the thing.

         India is the birthplace of meditation.

         But have you ever stopped to think about why?

         If so, I can guarantee you your answer is wrong.

         Because the truth actually stems from a secret the Nine
         Unknown Men discovered and then hid away for centuries.

         The crazy thing is, these days meditation isn't even used for the
         same purpose or same reasons it was originally designed for.

         Remember that palm leaf manuscript I was telling you about that
         talked about electromagnetic  elds?

         Well, that one original member of the 9

         was responsible for researching and
         developing a method to manifest


         And the crazy part is, he actually did  nd a way to do exactly

         What’s even crazier is that modern science is now con rming
         what the Nine Unknown Men knew thousands of years ago.
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