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P. 11

There, an older man with a shaved head greeted me and said his
         name was Rohit.

         He seemed to be happy to see me and said that he rarely saw
         westerners venture to the far- ung temple.

         We chatted a bit and then Rohit looked me  rmly in the eye and
         asked why I’d come to India.

         It felt like he could read my soul and knew something was

         So I just spilled my guts to him right then and there.

         I told him everything about how I’d been struggling for years…

         And how it all came to a boiling point when our furnace died and
         my wife took the kids and left.

         I told him just how ashamed I felt about not being able to provide
         for my family the way a real man is supposed to.

         When I  nished telling Rohit everything he smiled at me warmly.
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