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P. 6

This of course, put a strain on my marriage as my wife and I were
         constantly arguing about money.

         The stress from all this began taking a toll on my mental health
         and I felt trapped at my dead-end job.

         So I just kept sinking further and further into debt and despair.

         And I became increasingly isolated from my family and my

         I felt like an outcast during Christmas and birthday parties.

         One day I noticed that my kids had stopped asking me to attend
         their basketball games altogether.

         Suddenly I was the “loser dad.”

         And yet all I could do is struggle to barely keep my head above

         Sound familiar?

         If so, you're not alone.

         Come to  nd out, this is the average American adult’s existence.

         It’s all too common, and yet most of us just go on pretending
         everything is alright.

         At least, that’s what I was doing.

         All while I felt like I was losing the support and love of the people
         I needed the most…

         My wife and kids.
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