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P. 8

“Daddy I’m freezing.”

         That’s when I noticed her lips were starting to turn blue.

         And that was it.

         My wife said she couldn't do it anymore, so she packed up the
         kids right then and there and left.

         On her way out she told me she was  ling for divorce because
         she and the kids deserved better.

         The worst part is, she was right.

         I’d failed as a husband and as a father.

         And while that was the worst, most shameful day of my entire

         I never would have discovered this ancient secret that I’m sharing
         with you today if that day hadn't come.

           Because it was when I was at my lowest point

             that sparked the decision to take a journey
                              across the globe.

           I needed to do something to save my marriage
             and be the man my family needed me to be.

                    The man I promised them I’d be.

         So right around that time, some weird things started to happen.
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