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P. 10

When I  rst arrived, I was struck by the vibrant colors, the bustling
         streets, and the exotic smells of the new, invigorating land.

         I spent my  rst couple days wandering around, soaking up the
         culture and trying to  nd my bearings.

         Until one day I was brave enough to venture a bit outside of the
         crowded city.

         And I’ll never forget when I stumbled across this old, unassuming
         temple down a random side street.

         The crazy part is how the universe led me


         The only reason I wandered down that narrow alleyway was
         because I saw a beautiful and unique looking butter y.

         It appeared to have “eyes” on its wings and so I followed it down
         the alleyway trying to get a better look.

         And that butter y led me straight to the temple.
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