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P. 14

These were the men assigned to study science, technology, and

         And to create theories based on their work.

         Each man had his own area of expertise that he was responsible

         And get this…

         One of their palm leaf manuscripts from

         thousands of years ago contains
         information about the planets; the

         different kinds of light, heat, color, and

         electromagnetic  elds.

         (In a minute I’ll tell you why that last one is so important.)

         Thing is, all their discoveries and advanced knowledge were all
         kept secret.

         As the emperor was afraid that if the public got hold of this
         powerful information…

         That they would use it for sel sh, or evil purposes.

         So to preserve and record all this knowledge…

         The emperor had each of the Nine Unknown Men write a secret
         book outlining all their supreme knowledge.

         But it didn’t end with the “Original 9” - this tradition has been
         going on for centuries now.
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